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Upcoming Workshops

  • October 23
    Every congregation wants to pass along the faith to younger generations and continue to grow disciples of every age. Our 21st Century world presents significant challenges to lifelong faith formation… more

  • October 25
    Your congregational facility tells a story. Stories are all around us, in virtually every aspect of our daily experiences. In this live online workshop, facility management leader Tim Cool offers a… more

  • October 26
    Since the mid 90’s, there has been a shift in congregational charitable giving. Once upon a time, clergy could mount the pulpit, state a need, and people would give. Today, donor giving is more value… more

Recent Postings

  • Living Faith through DACA and Hurricanes

    Daily headlines leave readers frustrated, discouraged and conflicted. The good news is that your congregation is uniquely positioned to make sense… more

  • Change Ringing

    “We love change!”

    This is one of my favorite phrases to hear from a congregational group. Really. While change can be a bumpy trail to… more

  • Disaster Ministry Handbook

    As disasters, natural and otherwise, continually confront us, many people of faith and congregations desire to respond in compassionate and… more