April 11, 2019

We all encounter those who are grieving, whether they are part of our congregation or our community. Grief is challenging, because we often don’t feel equipped to support those in the midst of it. You're invited to join counselor, coach and consultant Jane Munk as she educates and encourages deeper practices of supporting the grieving in your communities.

Supporting someone who is grieving requires a certain “presence.” Grief is a time when a person needs the strength and support of community more than ever. Remembrance Gatherings create a safe space for you and your community to pour into the one who is grieving. These gatherings embody the old proverb - “Grief shared is grief halved.”

You will journey through a Remembrance Gathering during this workshop and ask… more

May 01, 2019

We have greater awareness of our neighbors than ever before. This awareness includes the present reality of great division across racial and ethnic lines. Your congregation can play a key role in creating safe space to have difficult conversations about racial inequities. You can help lead the way in moving our culture toward collective action to achieve a fairer and more just society.
Dr. Michael R. Twyman, subject matter expert on race and racism, leads this full-day workshop. He will help increase your understanding about race, as well as actions and responses your congregation can take to combat racism. This is a highly interactive workshop, so come prepared to participate in dialogue about all of the topics listed below. Dr. Twyman will use this time as an… more