A Fresh Look at Faith Formation

JREvery day we experience the reality that we are living in an era of change. But more importantly we are living in a change of eras. The models of faith formation and discipleship developed over the past decades cannot keep pace with the challenges of this new era. We need something new to address the lives of 21st century families, children, adolescents and adults.
In this live online workshop, you will envision a whole new way of forming faith—a new ecology of intergenerational relationships and faith experiences in congregations, lifelong faith formation from childhood through adulthood, family faith formation at home, and missional faith formation to the uninvolved and unaffiliated. LifelongFaith Associates President John Roberto explores these innovative approaches and how they should be supported by digitally enabled and digitally connected faith formation that can reach everyone, anytime, anyplace, 24/7.


This introduction to faith formation for the 21st century helps you:

  • become familiar with 21st century approaches to faith formation and examples of churches using these approaches.
  • identify at least one new strategy that your congregation can introduce in intergenerational, family, age-group faith formation.
  • identify at least one way your congregation can use digital methods in faith formation.

Workshop presenter John Roberto is president of LifelongFaith Associates and works as a consultant to churches and national organizations, teaches courses and conducts workshops in faith formation. He has authored books and program manuals in faith formation and is the project coordinator of the “Certificate in Faith Formation for the 21st Century” – a two-year online ministry education program, sponsored by Vibrant Faith.

This live online workshop is noon-1:30 p.m. (Eastern time) Wednesday, October 11, 2017. The cost is $10 per connection. The workshop is limited to Indiana congregations.


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