Nancy DeMott

Nancy D
Nancy DeMott
Resource Director

Nancy manages the resource discovery process for the Indianapolis Center, serves on the Congregational Resource Guide team, and is a resource consultant to congregations.

Nancy is an American Baptist Christian educator and pastor. For 15 years, she served two Indiana churches as director of Christian education. She was the founding director of the Jubilee Resource Center, an ecumenical ministry, in the Lafayette area. Nancy graduated from Eastern College and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and received a doctorate in instructional research and development from Purdue University.

After her extensive work on the Center's Sacred Space initiative, Nancy co-authored the book Holy Places: Matching Sacred Space to Mission and Message, and she co-wrote the articles Ten Things You Need to Know about Sacred Space Projects and Leaky Gutters and Sacred Spaces. She also wrote the articles Selecting a Leader for Your Congregation's Planning Team and One Size Doesn't Fit All for Congregations Magazine.