Sacred Space Grants Initiative

Sacred Space Grants Initiative

This grants initiative is closed.

The Sacred Space Grants Initiative helped congregations address the challenging issues of matching physical spaces to mission and ministry. This initiative took place 2004-2005.

The Sacred Space Grants Initiative linked congregations with the best resources available for building stewardship and expansion. Congregational teams reflected theologically about the nature of sacred space, designed plans to address sacred space needs in their own distinctive way, and received technical assistance as well as financial support toward implementing their own sacred space plans.

We know that the needs of congregations in the area of sacred space issues are varied - landlocked parcels, traffic flow issues, classroom space, zoning and building code concerns, upkeep on older buildings, and many more. Congregations in the program were encouraged to look at building issues through strategic reflection, strategic planning and strategic action, a three step process that links congregational facilities to missions.

The Center recognizes that place itself isn’t holy. Still, place is an instrument that helps us participate in the mission of God.