Spiritual Foundations of Congregational Leadership

Spiritual Foundations of Congregational Leadership

These resources are the top picks by workshop presenter Donald Zimmer for the February 2012 workshop Spiritual Foundations of Congregational Leadership.

Benefiel, Margaret. The Soul of a Leader: Finding Your Path to Success and Fulfillment. New York, NY: The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2008.
This book provides helpful guidance to congregational leaders who desire to integrate faith and spirituality with managing the business matters of their congregations. The book draws on interviews with well-known leaders, provides guided questions, and offers insights to anyone who wants to lead with soul.    

Doughty, Stephen. To Walk in Integrity: Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis. Nashville, TN: Upper Room Ministries, 2004.
This book provides a model for spiritual leadership in important times, including crisis. Examining the biblical understanding of integrity, the author identifies nine key qualities. He tells powerful stories of people who acted with integrity in difficult situations despite great personal cost.

Doughty, Stephen V. with Marjorie J. Thompson. The Way of Discernment Participant’s Book (Companions in Christ).  Nashville, TN:  Upper Room Ministries, 2008.
The Way of Discernment offers a biblical, theological, and practical framework for understanding the practice of discernment. It provides principles of personal and group discernment; daily exercises to help readers move from information to experience, weekly meeting plans designed for group sharing and worship and questions to aid the process of discernment.

Thompson, Marjorie J.  The Way of Discernment Leader’s Guide (Companions in Christ).  Nashville, TN:  Upper Room Ministries, 2008.
This guide provides everything a leader needs to prepare and lead small-group studies of The Way of Discernment. The ten-week study focuses on the ancient spiritual discipline of discernment for the individual, congregations, or larger bodies of the church.  The Leader's Guide contains step-by-step instructions for sessions and a list of materials needed for the weekly group meetings. Use with The Way of Discernment Participant's Book.

Zimmer, Donald. Leadership and Listening: Spiritual Foundations for Church Governance. Herndon, VA: The Alban Institute,  2011.
In Leadership and Listening, readers will find encouragement and specific suggestions for re-imagining church governance and management.  Through research with more than 100 church leaders, Zimmer learned that the church and the business community possess many insights and resources that can help boards shift toward a focus on seeking first the desires of God's heart and then responding effectively.