Service and Faith Formation in the Congregation

Service and Faith Formation in the Congregation

This resource list was developed by educator and author Diana Garland, who led the March 2013 workshop, Service and Faith Formation in the Congregation.

Garland, Diana. Family Ministry: A Comprehensive Guide (revised edition).  Downers Grove, IL:  Intervarsity Press, 2012.
Through ministry, research and teaching, author Diana Garland has found that the strength of Christian families is rooted in their faith and nurtured in their congregations. Garland believes that Christian families gain strength in part because of their communities of faith.  In this new edition Garland takes a three-pronged approach to family ministry, which includes developing families grounded in Christian faith, helping families live the teachings of Jesus with one another, and equipping and supporting families as they learn to serve others.

Garland, Diana. Inside Out Families: Living Faith Together. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2010.
The author guides congregational leaders and counselors to encourage families to engage together in the Christian practice of service. The fruit of family service, she writes, is not only a deeper understanding of one another and of what God is doing in the world but also the reordering of a family’s values and time together.

Joiner, Reggie. Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide. Colorado Springs, CO: David C. Cook, 2009.
Founder of the Orange Conference, Joiner encourages congregational leaders to imagine what would happen if churches and families combined their efforts and began to work off the same page for the sake of the kids. Think Orange shows church leaders how to make radical changes so they can engage parents in an integrated strategy, synchronize the home and church around a clear message, provoke parents and kids to fight for their relationships with each other, and mobilize the next generation to be the church.

Family and Community Ministries: Resources for Christian Leaders.  
A free, online journal published by the Baylor University Center for Family and Community Ministries, Family and Community Ministries provides peer-reviewed, research-based articles to congregational and ministry leaders seeking to serve others locally and globally.