Growing Young

Growing Young

These resources are recommended by Center for Congregations workshop presenter and Fuller Youth Institute Director Kara Powell. Fulbright facilitated this workshop in March 2017. For more resources, contact the Center at 866-307-2381 or check out the Congregational Resource Guide at


Arnett, Jeffrey J. Emerging Adulthood:  The Winding Road from the Late Teens through the Twenties. Second Edition. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2015.
This is a great research-based exploration of the cultural, relational and developmental shifts embodied by emerging adults that confronts many commonly held assumptions and stereotypes about young people today.

 Growing Young. Accessed 2/7/17.
The website has a host of free resources to help congregational leaders and parents as they journey with teenagers and young adults.

Parks, Sharon Daloz. Big Questions, Worthy Dreams: Mentoring Emerging Adults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose and Faith.  Revised 10th Anniversary Edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2011. 
This is a fantastic analysis of some of the deeper, more personal and yet more communal, questions of emerging adults and the power of adult mentors in emerging adults' lives. 

Powell, Kara, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin. Growing Young:  Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2016.
Authors provide a thorough analysis of one of the most comprehensive and collaborative studies of churches doing great ministry with teenagers and young adults.