Facility Stewardship

Facility Stewardship

Facility Stewardship

These resources are recommended by Center for Congregations workshop presenter, author and consultant Tim Cool. Cool facilitated the workshop Facility Stewardship in April and November 2017 and March 2018. For additional resources, contact the Center at 866-307-2381 or check out the Congregational Resource Guide at http://thecrg.org/.

Church Facility Management Solutions
Charlotte, NC
Church Facility Management solutions is an online membership community of facility practitioners, professionals, volunteers, paid staff, pastors, deacons, trustees and nearly every type of church personnel. If your congregation’s facility has been entrusted to you, you will want to be a part.

Cool, Timothy. Facility Stewardship Manual. Charlotte, NC: Cool Solutions Group, 2016.
This nearly 300-page manual provides check lists, facility management ideas, job descriptions, templates, glossary, best practices and so much more. This is a tremendous resource for all congregations with facilities.

Cool, Timothy. Why Church Buildings Matter: The Story of Your Space. 2nd edition. Charlotte, NC: Rainer Publishing, 2017
Author Tim Cool offers a unique perspective on the importance of church buildings. These buildings are vastly more important than most understand. The church campus and the story of the people in the church go hand-in-hand. We cannot neglect the power of story and how our church facilities communicate a story. In this book, several key questions about church facilities are answered: How does church space support the story of the people? How does the church space prime the heart, minds, and emotions of your guests? How does your facility bring people into the story of the church?

IFMA – International Facility Managers Association
800 Gessner Road, Suite 900, Houston, TX 77024

IFMA is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting 24,000 members in 104 countries.

The Church Network
100 North Central Expressway, Suite 706, Richardson, TX 75080
The Church Network is an interdenominational organization that provides training, up-to-date information of value to congregations, a church administrator certification and an annual conference with networking and learning opportunities. Many valuable resources are available on their website.

Waltz, Mark.  First Impressions: Creating WOW Experiences in your Church. Loveland, CO: Group Publishing, 2013.
Before a service even begins, first-time guests usually decide whether they'll return to your facility. This means congregation leaders need to create no-fail, practical ways to ensure a visitor's first impression is the best impression. Author Mark Waltz shares the strategies that work at his congregation – and takes greeting to a whole new level.