Envisioning and Designing 21st Century Faith Formation

Envisioning and Designing 21st Century Faith Formation

These resources are recommended by Center for Congregations workshop presenter, consultant, educator and author John Roberto. Roberto facilitated the workshop Envisioning and Designing 21st Century Faith Formation in April 2016. For additional resources, contact the Center at 866-307-2381 or check out the Congregational Resource Guide at http://thecrg.org/.

Amidei, Kathy, Jim Merhaut, and John Roberto. Generations Together: Caring, Praying, Celebrating, Learning, Serving Faithfully. Naugatuck, CT: LifelongFaith Associates, 2014.
Faith is transmitted from generation to generation in extended families and intergenerational congregations. Every congregation can discover its intergenerational heart and soul, and become an intentionally intergenerational community that nurtures the faith of all ages and equips them for living as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. Generations Together guides leaders in learning what this vision looks like in practice, and how to guide a congregation in envisioning and designing projects and initiatives to become more intentionally intergenerational.

Anderson, Keith. The Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Digital World. New York, NY: Church Publishing, 2015.
Rapid cultural and technological changes through the last two decades have changed the context for ministry. The development of digital social media and advances in affordable, mobile technologies have dramatically changed the way most people interact with others, communicate, organize and participate in communities. The Digital Cathedral is a warm embrace of the rich traditions of Christianity, especially the recovery of the premodern sense of cathedral, which encompassed the depth and breadth of daily life within the physical and imaginative landscape of the church. It guides leaders to effectively minister in a digitally integrated world, and embody the networked, relational and incarnational characteristics of that ministry.

Roberto, John. Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century. Naugatuck, CT: LifelongFaith Associates, 2015. Reimagining Faith Formation is a proposal for what 21st century faith formation can look like. Chapter 1 explores four big adaptive challenges facing churches and faith formation. Chapter 2 presents a reimagined faith formation ecosystem for the twenty-first century. Chapter 3 presents a reimagined model of faith formation as a network of relationships, content, experiences, and resources. Chapter 4 presents a reimagined understanding of faith formation curriculum that is holistic, comprehensive and balanced, systemic, lifelong, contextual, digitally-enabled, connected, and multi-platform. Chapter 5 reimagines the role of faith formation leader as curator.

Roberto, John, editor. The Seasons of Adult Faith Formation. Naugatuck, CT: LifelongFaith Associates, 2015.
The Seasons of Adult Faith Formation provides leaders with a deeper understanding of adulthood today, a vision of 21st century adult faith formation, and the tools and processes for designing faith formation for all the seasons of adulthood. The book’s chapters include: 1) Faith Formation for All the Seasons of Adulthood (John Roberto); 2) The Development of Modern Adult Education and Faith Formation (Ed Gordon); 3) Young Adulthood (Kyle Oliver); 4) Midlife Adulthood (Jim Merhaut); 5) Mature Adulthood (Janet Schaeffler); 6) Older Adulthood (Dorothy Linthicum); 7) Spiritual Transformation for Adult Faith Formation (Tom Zanzig); 8) Developing Adult Faith Formation Programming (John Roberto).