The Art of Bible Storying

The Art of Bible Storying

This resource list was developed to supplement the Center for Congregations workshop The Art of Bible Storying, led by Michael Novelli, who develops interactive resources, curriculum, experiences and events to help students, educators and youth workers learn in new ways. This workshop was October 2014 and May 2015. The Center’s mission is to strengthen Indiana congregations by helping them find and use the best resources to address their challenges and opportunities. For additional resources, contact the Center at 866-307-2381 or check out the Congregational Resource Guide at

Griffin, Winn. God's EPIC Adventure. Woodinville, WA: Harmon Press, 2007.
God’s EPIC Adventure uses a five-act-play model as a way of presenting scripture as a full-length story in order to assist the reader toward a better reading experience of Scripture's text. The author presents the themes of covenant in the old testament and kingdom of God in the new testament as two ways of saying that God is present in the world.

Network of Biblical Storytellers
Christian Theological Seminary
1000 W. 42nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
PH 317-931-2352
This is an ecumenical, deeply caring, inclusive, openly welcoming community of pastors, Christian educators, storytellers and laity. They gather as a network around the belief that the oral telling of the scriptures is of critical importance as the church grows and changes.

Orality Strategies. Richmond, VA.
“Orality” refers to reliance upon the spoken, rather than written, word for communication. Orality Strategies’ passion is to provide religious leaders with resources that help you communicate God's truth to those who learn best by oral means.  Different orality strategies include chronological Bible storying, Bible stories on topics, film and story, Bible on video, sign language and more.

Vang, Preben and Terry Carter. Telling God's Story: The Biblical Narrative from Beginning to End. Second edition. Nashville, TN: B&H Academic Press, 2013.
This book looks closely at the Bible from its beginning in Genesis to its conclusion in Revelation. By approaching scripture as one purposefully flowing narrative, emphasizing the inter-connectedness of the text, veteran college professors Preben Vang and Terry G. Carter reinforce the Bible’s greatest teachings and help readers in their own ability to share God’s story effectively with others.