Give Success to Your Servants Disaster Relief Workshop

Give Success to Your Servants is a regional, multi-denominational event for those planning summer 2018 mission trips to disaster-impacted communities. This one-day event will feature workshops led by responders currently working in impacted areas, as well as recent mission-team leaders with experiences to share. Participants will learn from these experts, representing many denominations, how to prepare teams to enter safely and work effectively in disaster-challenged communities. During the workshop, participants will connect live with persons in the impacted areas who can help team leaders get all the information they need to plan an informed and highly effective mission experience. Congregations or individuals planning other sorts of mission trips (i.e., non-disaster-related) will also learn useful information and are encouraged to attend.

Congregation or Organization
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
First Name
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Program location
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1044 Alta Vista Road, Louisville, KY 40205
Program Cost
$8 for lunch (optional)
(800) 264-1839
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Central Region
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