Life Together Grants Initiative

Life Together Grants Initiative

This grant initiative is closed.

The Life Together Grants Initiative, which happened 2007-2009, helped congregations to think and act strategically.

After receiving an increasing number of calls from congregations seeking excellent resources regarding different forms of what is commonly called strategic planning, the Center responded with the Life Together Major Grants Initiative. Life Together: Thinking and Acting Strategically is a planning process/model designed to enable congregations to creatively imagine and then realize a future that fulfills their reason for being and strengthens their life together. The process involves four basic phases that are addressed sequentially:

  • Recall the Past
  • Assess the Present
  • Discover the Vision
  • Create the Future

Each of the four phases of the model is shaped, in part, by three dynamics that impact the entire Life Together process and results. These dynamics are:

  • Spirituality
  • Team Building
  • Communications

Thirty congregations participated in this program, which included an educational component, resource consulting, and financial support.