What is it Like to be Different?

What is it Like to be Different?

MMWhat are some of the things people say that impact young people and adults from non-majority races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and socio-economic levels?

MeckMin, a nonprofit organization representing more than a dozen faith traditions, set about to answer these questions. The happy results are three short documentaries that can be used to start conversations in your congregation.

The Souls of our Students features high school students reflecting on how it feels to be “different” in a community that is increasingly diverse. This is an excellent resource to use with youth groups or youth Sunday School settings.

The Souls of our Teachers gives an honest look from the inside of what it is like to teach in an urban, diverse setting.

The Souls of our Neighbors features affordable housing dwellers, community leaders and others in interviews that shed light on the stereotypes and realities of those who live in affordable housing.

All of the videos are inexpensively priced and come with free downloadable curriculum. MeckMin (Mecklenburg Ministries) is a non-profit organization of nearly 100 member congregations representing more than a dozen faith traditions. The organization's mission is to promote interfaith collaboration in an effort to foster understanding, compassion and justice.

It's time to start talking.

Katie Lindberg
CMG Consultant