What about Crowdfunding?

What about Crowdfunding?

CFWhat about crowdfunding? Perhaps someone in your congregation has asked that question in a brainstorming session on how to fund a mission trip or even what to do about the budget shortfall. Or maybe you’ve noticed a campaign or two and wondered whether your congregation could use crowdfunding.

A new free e-guidebook entitled Crowdfunding for Congregations and Faith-related Nonprofits will be useful to congregation leaders who don’t even know what crowdfunding is, as well as those interested in launching a campaign. Author Adam J. Copeland, a professor at Luther Seminary and the director of the seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leaders, begins by asking: “If crowdfunding invites us into the joy of giving in new ways, what should the church be learning from it?”

This accessible and practical 20-page guidebook first defines and explains crowdfunding, including the spectrum of different types, and some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms. Then it turns to the topic of Christian stewardship, identifying key shifts in faith and giving. The two topics are brought together to suggest that considering crowdfunding can be a stewardship discernment tool as congregations engage in a cycle of discernment, planning and budgeting. Thinking about crowdfunding invites congregations to consider things like articulating a vision, broadening the audience, offering multiple entry points for donors, and video storytelling.

The guidebook includes links to well-executed and successful congregational and faith-based crowdfunding campaigns, and a Q/A section at the end for those wanting to explore further. Whether or not crowdfunding is right for your setting, this guidebook could be a great conversation starter for considering the current landscape of faith and giving.

Wendy McCormick
Southwest Director and Director of Major Grant Initiatives