Spice Up Your Worship

Spice Up Your Worship

What makes worship boring is not style but monotony. So says Dr. Marcia McFee, a worship consultant with a background in music and theatre, as well as theology and liturgy. Marcia’s popular workshops and consulting services are now available in her online Worship Design Studio.

WDSPlanners and leaders of all styles of worship will find a variety of resources available for free on the website, including articles about leadership, visual arts and strategies for building and utilizing a team. Sign up for the studio’s e-newsletter at https://ny163.infusionsoft.com/app/form/jumpstartarticles and receive six weekly articles designed to help you think through key worship planning challenges and discuss them with a team. Topics include music, visuals, media and the politics of change! 

In this two-minute video, Marcia offers a description of the Worship Design Studio, and in this six-minute overview she highlights the needs and challenges of local worship planners and how her subscription service provides resources, coaching, templates and tools.  Several Indiana pastors have told us the $250 annual subscription is “totally worth it” for them, but check out these free resources and see for yourself.

For additional ideas and resources on strengthening worship in your setting, contact the Center for Congregations.

Wendy McCormick
Southwest Director and Director of Major Grant Initiatives