A Simple Tool for Infographics

InfographixAre you using infographics? Do you know what an infographic is? According to Wikipedia, infographics “…are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.”

You may not realize you see these every day, multiple times a day, and they are a normalized part of our lives. Which means they need to be part of our regular communications with congregants.

While these may look overwhelmingly fancy and complicated they don’t have to be. Check out this free, online resource - http://www.easel.ly/. With this simple tool you can create infographics that look professional and raise the level of your visual communications to match anything congregants see on Facebook, Amazon or CNN.

Aaron Spiegel
Information Technology Director