Scripture Engagement

Scripture Engagement

CSEIndiana’s Taylor University is home to a project called Scripture Engagement. This method of studying scripture is meant to engage your whole self.

Led by Taylor’s Phil Collins, this interaction with Scripture appeals to your mind, but it also appeals to your heart and soul. Rather than learning just about who wrote what passage when, this method invites you to sit with scripture long enough to let it absorb into your life. It is like learning from a conversation with a good friend.

Scripture engagement uses the following methods to encounter God in scripture: praying Scripture, storying, journaling, hand copying, Lectio Divina, memorizing, visual arts, singing, etc. both as an individual and in small groups. Taylor's Center for Scripture Engagement leads trainings, publishes a booklet about a 30 Day Encounter with Scripture and much more.

Maybe the time is right for your congregation to consider a new way of learning through Scripture Engagement. 

Tim Shapiro