Science Sharpens the Faith

Science Sharpens the Faith

For many, science and theology just don’t mix. Yet, that conversation recently started to change.

With the help of the John Templeton Foundation, local congregations challenged themselves to discuss how science and theology coexist. What emerged out of this Scientists in Congregations grant program was staggering:


Jeff Smith from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church describes the experience in this video.

  • Social conversations evolved into sermon series and Sunday school discussions.
  • Congregants slipped on workday lab coats to share expertise on geophysics and neuroscience.
  • Community members converged to hear pioneering teachings.

Science can be a friend to faith, and congregations are excited to start the conversation.

Talk About Science and Theology in Your Congregation
Access multiple free program materials from Scientists in Congregations like sermons, presentations, curricula and handouts developed by local congregations. Whether you are curious about science and theology or want to develop your own programming, is a helpful place to start.


Kate White
Associate Director for Resources