Learning About Your Community

Learning About Your Community

SAVIThanks to the Polis Center at IUPUI, there is a data tool available called SAVI. Providing free data about central Indiana communities, SAVI tools will help you know your neighborhood better. You can learn about population distributions, health, income, race, housing, education, employment, crime, community assets and much more.

You will be able to analyze and visualize the data. SAVI staff is also trained to help you interpret the information you find. If your congregation is located in central Indiana, and you are interested in community engagement, this tool can be an entry way to a needed external assessment. You can identify community needs and strengths that match your congregation’s passion.

  • Before starting a community ministry learn who else is doing what you want to do near you.
  • Learn who might be good partners
  • Discover how the neighborhood around your congregation’s building is changing (or staying the same). 
  • Before deciding to start an additional service of worship, learn who might be most likely to attend. 

Here is link to an introduction to SAVI by its director Sharon Kandris: http://www.savi.org/about-us/.

Tim Shapiro