Leadership in a New Key

Leadership in a New Key

ArtNever have I watched a video about leadership so engaging, thought provoking, and toe-tapping that I immediately went out and bought the accompanying book.

If you are looking for inspiration and a very positive approach to leadership development, you might like this video, The Art of Possibility by Rosamond and Ben Zander.

The Zanders’ approach really offers something different. The authors challenge our ordinary paradigms of success and achievement.  They dismiss competition and win-lose scenarios as leftovers from an outdated world view based on scarcity.  They promote leadership based on an “abundance” world view – where everyone has a contribution to make, everyone matters, and there is room for all. They shift the paradigm for what is possible and demonstrate how to achieve it.

The video and the book are simultaneously enjoyable and challenging to read and watch. The authors use stories and examples from their work to explain and illustrate. Ben is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra; Rosamond is a therapist and painter. The result is a user friendly display of leadership in a new key, accompanied by twelve practices to learn how to do it.

Short clips of the video are available on YouTube. If you would like to learn more about accessing the entire video and accompanying teaching guide, please contact me at klindberg@centerforcongregations.org.   

Inspiration, practical tips, and a breath of fresh air – who knew leadership could be so fun?

Katie Lindberg
CMG Consultant