Is It Time for a New Beginning?

Is It Time for a New Beginning?

A congregation of 75 is in a building meant for 400.

A congregation rapidly depletes its reserves to meet the annual budget.

A congregation spends nearly all of its budget on staff and building expenses.

In every community there are congregations like these. They have declined slowly over 25 or more years, mostly due to demographic changes, and now they find themselves burdened by building maintenance and other expenses that impair their ability to do ministry.

These congregations may be ready for a new beginning.

New Beginnings is an assessment and discernment process to assist congregations in making bold decisions about their futures. The program was designed by the Disciples of Christ and licensed to the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church USA; today it is available to any congregation.

The full process takes about 6-8 months, beginning with a comprehensive report on demographics, finances, building condition and potential strategies for mission. Then congregational leaders are trained to interpret the report and lead a discernment phase in the congregation. This discernment enables the congregation to make a formal “big picture” decision about what it feels God is calling the congregation to do and be into the future.

The New Beginnings consulting process varies in cost from $2500-3600. More information, including success stories and a free webinar about the process, is available at

For more information on this resource or other ideas about a “new beginning” for your congregation, contact the Center for Congregations. Click here for contact information.

Wendy McCormick
Southwest Director and Director of Major Grant Initiatives