Interested in Serving your Community?

Interested in Serving your Community?

CLHAt the Center for Congregations, we are seeing a definite trend: congregations are requesting resources to help them serve their communities more effectively.  

As congregations engage outside their four walls, some find they want to form partnerships with the folks they hope to serve. This movement from "doing for" to "doing with" their communities can be challenging. Congregations often are not sure how to begin.

The Community Leadership Handbook offers advice for those wanting to better know their communities' needs and assets. It tells how to form partnerships with key people, and how to work together to create a better community. Authored by seasoned Blandin Foundation Leadership Program directors, this guide is written for busy people who want clear instruction without ponderous theory.

It provides an overview of the key principles of effective community leadership. It gives clear and concise “how to’s” for each piece of the leadership work with check lists, handout sheets, questions and graphic illustrations. It even addresses running effective meetings and dealing with conflict.

If you want a clear and tested road map to community engagement, take a look at The Community Leadership Handbook

Frankly, it is a great guide to effective leadership within the congregation, too.


Katie Lindberg
CMG Consultant