Encouraging Stories of Congregations Big and Small

Encouraging Stories of Congregations Big and Small

GrasshopperHaving grown up and served in rural Indiana congregations, I have an appreciation for the “small country church” and all the dynamics that go with it.  It catches my attention when I read about or am introduced to vibrant faith communities in unexpected places.  There are some encouraging stories out there of congregations who have chosen to embrace their identity and live vibrantly into their potential – regardless of size.

The Grasshopper Myth – Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking that Divides Us is a book written by a 25-year veteran pastor who emphasizes that every size of church has value.  One of the main points made throughout this resource is that “each church has its own mission and shouldn’t try to duplicate the mission of another church, no matter how successful or large that other church is.”  This aligns well with the Center’s mission – to strengthen congregations of Indiana by helping them find and use the best resources to meet the challenges and opportunities they identify. 

We honor your journey and ask “How can we help resource you to get there?”

Here’s the link to The Grasshopper Myth on its Amazon page http://www.amazon.com/The-Grasshopper-Myth-Churches-Thinking/dp/0988443902.
And here’s the link to the publisher page, where there’s also a forum for small church leaders http://newsmallchurch.com/the-grasshopper-myth/.


Doug Hanner
CRG Consultant