Empathy and Sympathy

This video by Brene’ Brown provides a visual representation of the difference between empathy and sympathy. Watch it. You will see yourself in it. I did. Regarding your congregation, this short clip could be used in many ways:

  • The video can be used as a training tool for “care ministry” volunteers.ES It could be a discussion starter about supporting those who have experienced something difficult. 
  • You can use this video with your small group ministry, particularly when exploring healthy ways to communicate support. 
  • Show the video to your staff and then talk about how you want to treat each other on those not-so-good days.
  • You could use the video as a sermon illustration when preaching any number of “love one another” passages. 

Take a look. Who will you share this with? How will you use it to build the capacity for empathy in your congregation?

Tim Shapiro