Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

CTLSafety and emergency preparedness is a top priority of government agencies, schools, and businesses. Likewise it is crucial that congregations intentionally and strategically address safety issues.

In your congregation are the ushers trained for medical emergencies? Are there procedures in place for accusations of child abuse? Is your congregation doing everything possible to prevent fire and to be clear about procedures should a fire occur when the building is occupied? Are there controls in place to avoid embezzlement? Is there a ministry team or group assigned to address these issues? How are policies and procedures communicated to the congregation?

Church Law and Tax is a group of attorneys, CPAs and other experts committed to keeping congregations “safe, legal and financially sound.” This group publishes an array of resources to help congregations identify and address threats to safety. Topics range from children and youth ministry safety, fire prevention, medical emergencies, gun violence, sexual abuse and so forth. Some specific titles include:

Child Sexual Abuse Response Plan

Confronting Gun Violence at Church

Dealing with Dangerous People

Essential Guide to Internal Controls for Churches

Medical Emergency Preparation

Preparing Your Church for Any Emergency


Preventing Sexual Misconduct in Youth Ministry

Safeguarding Your Church from Fires


These guides, and many others, sell for $15 - $20 each from the Church Law & Tax Store at http://store.churchlawtodaystore.com/. Most of the publications include checklists to help congregations assess current practices and implement strategies for improved safety.   

Emergency preparedness in congregations is a wise priority.


Nancy DeMott
Resource Director