CRG Workspaces Promote Conversation Anytime, Anywhere

CRG Workspaces Promote Conversation Anytime, Anywhere

CRGConversation is a powerful tool for moving through and beyond challenges. Busy schedules create challenges themselves, often limiting the time we have for powerful conversations. The new Congregational Resource Guide (CRG), introduced recently by Center for Congregations, makes it easier for you and your congregational team members to dialogue, research, learn and reflect around resources related to issues you are facing.

You don’t have to wait until next Sunday or next month to get the creative juices flowing. Committees, boards, task forces, commissions can not only find helpful information from an already curated pool of resources, but can also meet virtually via their respective computers and mobile devices to carry on the powerful conversation at the convenience of each person’s schedule.

Utilizing this web-based application for virtual conversation within your congregation is super easy (and it’s free):

  • Enter a search word related to your challenge at
  • Choose one or more resources that interest you and save it/them.
  • Log in or create an account, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Name this new “workspace” so your conversation partners will recognize it.
  • Invite the other participants via their email address to join the conversation.
  • Start and carry on “discussions,” add more resources, and invite a “resource expert” as needed.

Conversations are powerful. Start the conversation. Join the conversation.

For more information, go to

Doug Hanner
CRG Consultant