Bullying in the Church

There is much in the news today about the damaging effects of bullying. Many reports focus on the tragic results of bullying in schools and the rampant tendency for officials to deny and/or do too little to address it.  But bullying is by no means confined to schools. It is a much bigger social problem that occurs in the workplace, neighborhoods, churches and any other context in which human beings interact with each other.  Eddie Hammett, ministry colleague with The Columbia Partnership, has TCPwritten an informative piece on bullying in the church – Bullying in the Church: Recognizing It and Stopping It. The article can be found at Columbia's website at http://www.thecolumbiapartnership.org/.

Bullying in the church is perhaps at no time more blatant than when the congregation faces change. Hammett’s experience coaching clergy and other congregational leaders has afforded him a perspective through which to observe this disturbing trend. His article addresses both how to recognize bullying in the church and how to manage church bullies and minimize their impact.  Every congregational leader, clergy and lay alike, would benefit from reading this article.

You can download the article by Eddie Hammett, as well as listen to him talk and respond to questions about it.

Nancy DeMott
Resource Director