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  • September 6
    While Americans remain deeply spiritual, they’re leaving congregational life behind. This is especially true of Millennials – about 1 in 10 regularly attend a congregational worship service. Surveys… more

  • September 12
    We have greater awareness of our neighbors than ever before. This awareness includes the present reality of great division across racial and ethnic lines. Your congregation can play a key role in… more

  • November 8
    When your congregants face illness, death and grief, they experience not only physical and emotional pain, but questions, problems and doubt. What is your role and how can you best lead your… more

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  • Talking About Racism

    Several congregations have recently asked for resources to help them talk about racism. As white congregations, they want to prepare for dialogue… more

  • Learning on the Run with Podcasts

    Working as a consultant with the Center for Congregations means that I travel a good bit. Not only just my daily commute to work but I can… more

  • How Well Does Your Congregation Communicate?

    If we were to play the old word association game, and I said “audit,” how would you respond? Finance? Inspection? IRS? Complicated?

    You… more