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  • November 7
    We have greater awareness of our neighbors than ever before. This awareness includes the present reality of great division across racial and ethnic lines. Your congregation can play a key role in… more

  • November 7
    No matter the size of your congregation you see first-time guests each year. While some guests choose not to return because they simply aren’t ready to enter into congregational life, others don’t… more

  • November 8
    It’s challenging to fund all of your congregation’s projects and plans. But what if reducing the energy your building uses could power your ability to touch lives? This is precisely what Colby May,… more

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  • Grants and Mentoring

    Each month, the Center for Congregations awards matching grants to congregations throughout Indiana. In this brief article, I will share a glimpse… more

  • Claiming Small

    About 10 years ago, I met with a group of rural pastors in southern Indiana to hear about the tools and resources that would be helpful to them. “… more

  • Measuring Vitality in Congregations

    What does a congregation mean when they describe themselves as spiritually vital? How does a congregation become vital? What is the relationship… more