Focusing on Strengths and Assets

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CafeCafeYou have two choices. When your congregation is preparing for strategic planning, you can concentrate on your weaknesses or you can concentrate on your strengths. 

Both paths are well traveled by congregations. The Center has observed that those who use a planning process that concentrates on strengths and assets - that which is right with the congregation - have more energy, more creativity and ultimately more positive outcomes. 

Six times in the last six years the Center has hosted an event called Flourishing Congregations.  This event introduces congregations to several positive change resources. These resources include Appreciate Inquiry, Asset Mapping, and World Café. 

AssetMappingAt our recent Flourishing Congregations event in West Lafayette, the Center hosted congregations from Austin (in the south ) to Warsaw (in the north).  One hundred participants listened to and shared best moments in participating congregations, considered key positive attributes of congregations, named their particular assets and developed a provocative question that could guide their planning in the future. 

The Center has discovered that there is nothing wrong with a congregation that what’s right won’t cure. 

Are you interested in a strategic planning process that focuses on what is right?  Contact the Center for Congregations, and we can begin helping you find the best resources to do just that.